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During our Holy Conversations with members of our Diocese, we asked for their input on what they desired in our next Bishop.  We received a wide variety of responses, which are summarized below.  We realize that only one person, our Lord and Savior, could possess all of these traits. With that in mind, our hope is that the chosen candidate will have a complementary combination of some of the attributes for which we pray.  We hope this expansive vision will inspire you to join us.

The Bishop we pray for will:

  • Communicate openly
    • Listen to the Holy Spirit and to us
    • Share God’s word through all available mediums
    • Hear our stories and tell us their stories
    • Pray with us
  • Experience God in every place and face
    • Embrace our diversity and inclusiveness
    • Welcome all people and all cultures
    • Be expansive in Spirit and practice
    • Know us, love us and be among us as one who serves 
  • See God’s creation in our vast and diverse landscape
    • Experience God’s presence in our mountain and desert terrain
    • Appreciate how our surroundings inform our worship and our connection to the Divine
    • Enjoy driving as a spiritual practice and commuting as meditation
  • Recognize our challenges and build upon our strengths
    • Identify our challenges
    • See our strengths
    • Recognize our potential
    • Help us reconcile our differences and transform them into strengths
  • Appreciate and connect with our diversity
    • See our diversities—cultural, geographic, economic—as challenges and strengths
    • Embrace the rich cultural context that influences the liturgy in many of our congregations
    • Build toward an even more inclusive and accepting community as our Diocese moves into the future

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The Bishop we pray for will be:

  • A pastor with a visionSpirit-filled and Spirit-led
  • A shepherd with a listening heartcompassionate and empathetic
  • A leaderable to help formulate and share our vision as we seek God’s dream for us
  • A networkercapable of reaching out
  • A unifiergifted in joining us together in work that brings forth the Kingdom of God

Our Strengths, Our Blessings:

  • Our current leadership and clergy are strong, dedicated, and hard working.
  • We have both locally-trained and seminary-trained clergy.
  • Our largest congregations are self-sustaining, with growing formation programs and ministries.
  • Our smaller congregations are passionate and committed, though challenged by size and resources.
  • We are blessed with many talented and skilled members who serve and lead well. We are down to earth, not pretentious and on most days we can laugh at ourselves.
  • There is a deep generosity of spirit and resources in our churches.
  • We have a foundation for initiatives in Christian Education, Congregational Vitality and Stewardship. Current and planned programs need additional development and growth.

Our Challenges:

  • We have a large Diocese; it covers the entire state and a parish in Bullhead City, Arizona. With regional differences and long distances between many of our churches, relational work on the Diocesan level can be difficult.
  • We have both locally-trained and seminary-trained clergy.  You may have noticed this same item under Our Strengths, Our Blessings. The challenge is that we often find ourselves experiencing our tradition in a variety of ways.  This inconsistency can cause confusion and misunderstanding among our leadership.
  • We need to be sensitive to the impact of change as our congregations grow and we expand multicultural ministries. Change often times comes with resistance.  This aspect of our human condition impacts the building of the cultural bridges that we need to further the Kingdom in this place.
  • We have leadership in several of our parishes at various stages of transition. We need a leader by our side to provide comfort and encouragement, and to guide us into new life.
  • We have a limited Diocesan budget with a 23% Asking. Like the Israelites, we grumble even though our Asking has decreased by 2% in recent years.
  • We are challenged by a myriad of understandings of what Total Ministry and Ministry of all the Baptized really means. With so many understandings, we often find ourselves struggling for unity. We search for someone who is willing to listen and explore with us and then set a unified direction.
  • This challenge is two-fold: We are striving to meet the spiritual needs of a diverse, isolated and often-lonely society. We also acknowledge the paradox of doing the Spiritual work of God’s Kingdom in Nevada’s secular entertainment culture. Sometimes we get so accustomed to our surroundings that we unintentionally become complacent.

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