Our Diocesan Organization and Leadership

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Structures and Governance of the Diocese

Governance of the Diocese is provided through the annual Diocesan Convention, the Standing Committee, and the Mission Districts. These are described in the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Nevada.

The Standing Committee serves as counsel to the Bishop in matters concerning the budget, expenditures and property.  Advisory members to the Committee, who are appointed by the Bishop, include the Secretary, Chancellor and Treasurer.

The Diocese is divided into five Mission Districts.  Each district has a Dean appointed by the Bishop.  Deaneries conduct quarterly meetings and vote annually to elect laity and clergy to the Standing Committee.

Diocesan Committees and Organizations include the Standing Committee, Commission on Ordination and Licensing, Galilee Board, Disciplinary Review Board, Education for Ministry, Daughters of the King, Elder Counsel, Episcopal Women of Nevada, Finance Committee, Investment Committee, and Union of Black Episcopalians.

Our Diocesan Staff consists of the Rev. Dr. Catherine Gregg, Canon for Congregational Vitality; the Rev. Bernardo Iniesta-Avila, Canon for Latino/Hispanic Ministry; Don Barsky, Finance Officer; Steve Sims, Diocesan Administrator & Communications Officer, and Stuart Campbell, Galilee Episcopal Camp & Retreat Center, Executive Director.  We also have volunteers who serve as Parliamentarian to Convention, Diocesan Archivist and Parish Nursing Coordinator.

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Now let’s discuss some of the dollars and cents.

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