Our Thanks

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With Deep Gratitude

Thank you Erin Anderson of Trinity Applied Internet for our website development and your generous gift of time and expertise.

Thank you the Reverend Shannon Leach, our Bishop Search Committee Chaplain, for keeping us grounded.

Thank you Steve Sims, Diocesan Administrator and Communications Officer, for your invaluable support.

Thank you Kristen Kabrin for the use of your stunning landscape photographs.

Thank you Richard Schori for sharing your photographs of parish life in our Diocese.

Thank you Kika Weber for sharing your beautiful nature and wildlife photographs.

Thank you Special Collections Department, University of Nevada, Reno, Libraries for authorizing our use of historical photographs.

Thank you Marilyn Chappell for translating English documents into Spanish for use at our Spanish-language Holy Conversations.

Thank you José Hernandez for translating Spanish responses into English from our Spanish-language Holy Conversations.

Thank you Daniel Dabroski for helping with the graphic design for maps and distances.

Thank you Peter Pappas of Yassou Greek Grill, the Official Greek Restaurant of the Bishop Search Committee.

Thank you to every member of the Diocese who participated in a Holy Conversation.

Thank you to the people and Parishes of the Diocese who have been praying with us for our Bishop.

Thank you to everyone who assisted and supported the Bishop Search Committee in the development of this Bishop profile and website.