The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada

Nevada Bishop Search

Searching for the 11th Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Nevada

“Power, as human beings exercise power, to me means the ability to change: the ability to change oneself, the ability to change one’s community. And the positive use of power is transformation of self and community toward a higher ideal, toward a healed world.”

– Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori

Welcome To The DioCese of Nevada

Baptism at Galilee, Rev. Sarah Dunn - St. Patrick’s, Incline Village


If you are in discernment about the next phase of your ministry, we invite you to explore our profile to see if you are being called to be the next Bishop of Nevada.

Christmas Eve Service, Epiphany Episcopal Church, Las Vegas


If you know someone who possesses the gifts, talents and personality to be the shepherd and leader of this Diocese, we invite you to reach out to encourage that person in his or her calling.

Parish Photo - Christ Church, Las Vegas

We invite you to join us IN PRAYER

Todos Los Santos - All Saints, Las Vegas

Oración para la busqueda de Obispo de la Diócesis Episcopal de Nevada


Dios misericordioso, nuestro padre cariñoso y orientador, te agradecemos por nuestra Iglesia y por nuestra familia de Iglesias en nuestra diócesis. Te pedimos tu sabiduría y dirección mientras buscamos un nuevo Obispo para tu familia. Solicitamos tu orientación especialmente para los miembros de nuestro Comité Permanente, Comité de Búsqueda y Comité de Transición mientras planean, preparan y buscan un servidor fiel que nos guíe y nos apoye en nuestros ministerios. Bendice al servidor que nos traerás y dale una dirección clara en su discernimiento a través de Jesucristo nuestro Señor. Amén.

Wedding at Tahoe, Rev. Kirk Woodliff - St. Paul's, Sparks

Bishop Search Prayer for the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada

Let us pray.

Gracious God, our nurturing and guiding parent, we thank you for our Church and for our family of Churches in our diocese. We ask for your wisdom and direction as we seek a new Bishop for your family. We ask for your guidance especially for the members of our Standing Committee, Search Committee and Transition Committee as they plan, prepare and search for a faithful servant who will lead and support us in our ministries. Bless the servant you will bring to us and give them clear direction in their discernment; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Palm Sunday, Epiphany Episcopal Church, Las Vegas

Thoughtfully & Prayerfully

We invite you to discover who we are and where we want to go and then consider prayerfully if you are called to be our next Bishop.


In Nevada, it’s about the journey before the destination. From all-to-yourself highways and dirt-road horizons to cowboys and counterculture, Nevada has always been about taking the road less traveled.

Reno Arch, Reno
The Strip, Las Vegas
Wild Burro, Ruby Mountains
St. Paul's, Virginia City
Spencer Natural Hot Springs, Austin

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