In Our Own Words

The Search Committee for the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Nevada is seeking a courageous leader for this diverse, unique and exceptional place we call home. 

This is a mission several years in the making.  Bishop Dan Edwards retired fall of 2018, and we began our search process soon thereafter.  We are grateful for the dedication of so many individuals throughout our diocese, who began this time of deep discernment and reflection.  However, due to several reasons, it was best for the health and vitality of our diocese that we suspend the search for a season.  Although a difficult decision, it has been an opportunity for us to grow as a diocese, to learn more about one another, and to prayerfully consider how the Holy Spirit is calling us into this next phase as the Body of Christ.

As we re-engaged our search process, we were met with the pandemic. However we found another way to connect with our widespread diocesan family – Zoom! Our information gathering phase targeted each mission district, Spanish-speaking congregations and clergy, with nine Listening Sessions on Zoom, and 379 online and mail-in surveys. These sessions focused on How you see God at work in the diocese; What challenges we face together; and What we seek in our next Bishop.

Labyrinth, Grace In The Desert, Las Vegas, Nevada

The answers reflect the optimism as well as the concerns of Episcopalians throughout Nevada. This valuable, heartfelt input guided the Search Committee in preparing the diocesan profile that defines what is needed and desired in candidates who feel called to be Nevada’s new faith leader.

The following are verbatim responses from Nevada Episcopalians to a series of questions asked during a diocesan-wide listening sessions. They present a portrait of who we are, a representation of our diocese. Read prayerfully. Imagine yourself taking a walk with the Spirit that lives within us, guiding you to consider Her call.  Get to know us and get to know yourself as you take this walk. Then decide if you desire to walk with us into the Spirit’s plan for the Diocese of Nevada.

Click on the links below to learn more about who we are and where we want our next Bishop to lead us: