Looking for a Bishop...


“to be a mighty force for good who can translate teachings into action and be chief instigator of new outreach programs.”

“with stamina… a good sense humor and wise self-care. They will be challenged by time, distance, and travel that no one knows about until they get here.”

“with a tourist’s heart and willingness to travel and explore the great state of Nevada in order to gain an understanding of who we are outside of our religious homes.”

“who can be a state leader with a voice for social justice that other leaders in our state turn to asking, ‘What does Nevada’s Episcopal Bishop say about that?’

 “who has the courage to stand up when everyone else is sitting down.” 

“who can adapt to a new world vision as this virus changes our community.”

“who can reach out, listen and hear the individuals that make up our diocese. Our people will move forward into a vision when they feel heard, supported and inspired.”

“with understanding of the differences between urban and rural churches and their needs, with priorities to help make local educational opportunities for the rural communities.”

 “willing to understand the unique cultures and geography of this diocese and that one size does not fit all.”

 “who is a role model in faith, behavior, & compassion.  A coach to stay positive, adaptable, & pragmatic.  A teacher of the Gospel & healthy boundaries.”

 “who is Spanish speaking, with a passion for youth ministry and modernizing our methods of sharing the Gospel, a person who can bridge the Episcopal Church of the past to be the Church of people turned off by religion or unaware of our love and inclusivity.” 

“with significant interest in our indigenous congregations.”

 “with spiritual leadership and engagement, pastoral care from the heart, and sound administrative skills.”

“with patience to hear us out. Courage to override our decisions when we make mistakes. Ability to heal us deeply so we can bring that healing to others.”

“is a great administrator or a great pastor. I say it is both, and I refuse to settle for one or the other.”