Our Future Life & Ministry

Where God is leading us in future life and ministry at our local parish Level…

“At Trinity Cathedral, Reno we are being led into becoming a more active member of our downtown Reno community.  We have been called to be beacon of light for the city, and to be a servant to the marginalized: children, the homeless, the sick and vulnerable.”

“To be inclusive, accepting and compassionate in our relationships with our community as well as our parish. Serving people with disabilities, whether they are Episcopalian or not, seems to be a continuing theme; outreach to elders, to the hearing impaired, the mobility challenged, and to folks for whom English is a second (or third) language.”  St. Martin’s in the Desert, Pahrump

“We are a close-knit group, our social time afterwards and during is pretty important because we do connect with each other quite a bit. What I would like to see more is for the Bishop to know more about Native Ministries, the land on the reservation and Urban Indian Ministries, for people to know that there are other ministries on the reservations and Urban Indian Reservation and to know that we are Episcopalians, Native Episcopalians.” St Mary the Virgin, Nixon, NV

“To widen our circle by inviting others. Zoom is great for that, i.e. we are able to worship with others even at great distances. And calling us to address local social issues such as childhood hunger. I feel we are being called in rural Nevada to widen our circle. We have begun sharing our resources with other parishes in the Frontier District by offering what they may be lacking as a community.”  St. Bartholomew’s, Ely NV. 

“In Pioche, at Christ Church, we are in the middle of nowhere. We have 10 to 15 people on a good day and we hope to be able to continue our ministry and be in the community for the people. I feel God is leading Christ Church Pioche to become more visible in our community as offering a place of worship that is inclusive of all.”

“At St. Luke’s, Las Vegas, we are a Filipino and Latino Parish, so we are looking for ways to better serve them with teaching, social service and guidance. What I can tell you at my local parish level is that 89110 has 40,000, if not more Spanish-speaking people, or at least identify themselves as Latino, and we are not reaching them at all.”

“God is leading All Saints, Las Vegas to continue to further reach Latino folks for Christ and specifically children and teenagers. I also feel God is leading All Saints to integrate technology into worship, in part towards a true multicultural service.”

“I am a vestry member of Christ Episcopal Church, Las Vegas. We are struggling with the COVID isolation, new technology, and looking towards a broader community once we go back into the church.  It’s been a wonderful thing, even though it is a struggle for us to be online.  It feels like God is leading us to broaden our view of where the church can reach, and once we go back, I don’t know about the rest of you in your churches, but we are looking at continuing to try to reach people in a lot of different ways in this modern society.”

“At Epiphany Las Vegas, Henderson, we are being led to more fully welcome people and support them on their journey to know and love Christ. Engaging in discernment and spiritual growth has become a significant part of our mission.”

“St. Paul’s Sparks is being called to stay connected to those who know us and to connect to those whose paths have yet to cross ours in order to witness to the belonging of Christ.”

 “To care for creation, support the marginalized in our community, to provide spiritual stimulation for our congregation.” Coventry Cross, Minden

 “At St. John’s in the Wilderness, Glenbrook we are being mentored in effective outreach ministry, both to fellow parishioners and to the exigent needs of our local community.”

 “For St Patrick’s Incline Village, I think, one of the things we have been working on is to be an authentic, organic, intergenerational community, where all of God’s children, no matter the age, feel safe and known and loved. As far as our community, an underserved population is those who work in our tourist industry — they can be full-time residents who are immigrants, they could be those with J-1 Visas, but actually reaching out to the service worker industry here in Tahoe also affects a large swath of our diocese as well.”

“Camp Galilee plays an  important role in the lives of young people, providing a space for young people who don’t go to church to be able to experience Christian community and learn about church, and experience time spent with others and exploring their faith within a spiritual community. They are not always able to do this in their communities because families are not going to church as much as they used to. Galilee can really be a bridge for the church in the diocese.”

“At St Peters, Carson City, God is inviting us towards faith development; building life as a community, and actively seeking service and justice through serving the homeless, participation in Nevadans’ for the Common Good.”