The job of a Bishop...

The job of the Bishop is to …

“be the one who along with laity, clergy, other Bishops, other faith leaders and other traditions listens for/ discerns what is the work of God in this moment. Then to take that understanding and disseminate it throughout the diocesan leadership, and then ask, ‘how do we put our hands to that plough?’

“be our Chief Wrangler and Border Collie.  I believe a Bishop leads us as the people of Christ, keeps us focused on tasks to be Christ’s hands and heart in the world, keeps us from falling into sin, keeps us together as Church.” 

“be pastor to clergy. Inspiration to laity.  Visionary for the church and posterity.  Not afraid to model adaptation, starting over.”

“listen and consider change, to offer guidance when it was lacking, but always willing to hear – good, bad or indifferent – what we had to say. We need a Bishop that is pastoral, courageous, willing to take chances and willing to admit if there is a mistake and listen to a successful conclusion.”

 “listen to and include all parishes (even the smaller ones) in decision-making processes and listen to small church needs.”

“be the outward visible sign of the universal church, that we are. When a bishop makes a visit to us, he or she is not only bringing us out of our parish into the diocese but connecting us from our diocese to our province and to our national church and to the world.”

“Interpret a wider vision of the life of the church, lead the church in living out the Gospel, support clergy in leading parishes.”

“be pastor to the clergy, one who thinks outside the box to discover new ideas. be more concerned about effectiveness than propriety.”

“take care of the clergy, organize the clergy, encourage the parishes to organize in their communities throughout the state around compassionate justice.”

“be supportive of all the parishes and realizing the differences between each one, to be open to new ways of reaching out to each community.”