The role of the Church...

The role of the church is to …

“be hope central, love central, embodying what we believe by our actions.”

“keep our churches vibrant and relevant because times are changing. Churches become strong by serving others.”

“be a spiritual guide, community facilitator, and moral guide.”

“be a place of safety where our relationship with Jesus can grow and where we can hear God’s word.”

“create a friendly and welcoming place for everyone.”

“provide a safe, loving environment for worship and stewardship, exploring the Bible and discussing different views.”

“come together as a community of believers to love one another, to encourage one another, and to enable people to grow more fully into disciples.”

“be both pastoral and prophetic within our church community and to the wider world.“

“nurture the faithful and be an agent of change in our communities and the world.”

“step out into the wider community with a vision of compassionate justice.  Organize!”

“be the loving, uplifting and uniting community we are called to be in the world today.”

“advocate for the powerless and speak the truth to power.”

“find new ways to be relevant, to be effective in reaching others.”

“be a reminder of the holy in the world.”