Thank you & Gracias!


  • Thank you to the previous Search Committee for extraordinary service to this diocese that helped pave the way for our shared journey ahead.
  • Thank you to the Reverend Michael Engfer, our Bishop Search Committee Chaplain, for keeping us grounded and connected through prayer and activities to help us bond as a group in the time of Covid. 
  • Thank you to the Reverend Canon Brian Nordwick, our Search consultant and coach who became family.
  • Thank you Search Administrator Hank Hope, a Godsend who Zoomed to our rescue and kept us on track.
  • Thank you Diocesan Administrator and Communications Officer Steve Sims, for sharing your vast diocesan knowledge. 
  • Thank you Keith Anderson of Trinity Applied Internet for our website development and your generous gift of time and expertise. 
  • Thank you to Reverends Victoria Warren, Mike Link and James Hobart, and the multi-talented Robyn Powers for your invaluable guidance, input and prayerful support.
  • Thank you to the Rt. Reverend Jim Waggoner, Assisting Bishop, and the Rev. Dr. Catherine Gregg, Canon to the Ordinary and Chief of Staff, for being on call for Search support.
  • Thank you Rev. Deacon Veronica Galas for leading our listening and making sure every voice was heard.
  • Thank you Standing Committee Chair Maggie Davidson and Standing/Search Committee liaison the Rev. Sara Dunn, for your caring collaboration and participation.
  • Gracias Agatha Ramirez de Almazar for your patient service in translating our prayers, questions and answers.
  • Thank you Dick Schori for sharing your stunning photographs of Nevada and parish life in our Diocese.
  • Thank you to every member of the Diocese who participated in nine listening sessions plus online and mail-in surveys. 
  • Thank you to everyone who assisted and supported the Bishop Search Committee in the development of this Bishop profile and website.
  • Thank you to the Standing Committee, the people and parishes of the Diocese who put their faith in us and have been praying with us for our Bishop. 



Linda Faiss 
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