Commission on Social Justice

Advocates for justice & peace

The Episcopal Diocese of Nevada, at the October 2020 Convention, established a Commission on Social Justice whose mission is to, among other things, advocate for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.

Years before the formation of the commission, the diocese as a whole, and, more specifically, every Episcopal church in the Southern Mission District, was a member of Nevadans for the Common Good (NCG). NCG is a broad-based network of local institution – faith-based, non-profit, educational, labor, and civic organizations – that come together to develop leaders, identify shared issues affecting our communities, and take action around these issues. There are more than 40 such institutions.

Member institutions work together to develop our local agendas by engaging constituents, both within and across our institutions, in conversations about the issues affecting their families, neighborhoods and communities. By joining with other institutions that have similar goals and concerns, NCG members increase their collective power and work to achieve victories on local and regional issues.

Through the leadership developed from NCG, we have successfully fought against child sex trafficking, evictions, pay day lending institutions, and have won victories for Meals On Wheels, education and the Medicare/Medicaid dependent.

More recently, the Episcopal churches and other institutions in the northern part of the diocese are in the process of establishing the Northern Nevada Organizing Group to expand the work done by their southern colleagues.

With the establishment of the Commission on Social Justice, the work with Nevadans for the Common Good and other outreach ministries, the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada is actively engaged in social justice issues in the diocese.